Get Single Sign-on Link

This option will return the single sign-on link for a specified contact




HTTP Header Parameters:

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
* action getSingleSignonLink
* authorization Basic [YOUR API KEY]

JSON Parameters:

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
id The Contact ID of the desired contact
Example Request
-H "Authorization: Basic [your API key]"
-H "Action: getSingleSignonLink"
-D { "id":"1000" }


{ "success":"true", "link":"" }

Additional Link Parameters:

A single signon link when used will immediately log in a user without any additional prompts. Once you obtain a link for a user, the following additional URL parameters can be added to the link to customize the users experience.

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
iMode F or P (This option turns on Integration mode and hides the vorText main and leftside menus (F) or just the main menu (H) )
target Destination Page. (Use this option to immediately direct the user to a specific page. Once logged into vorText you can click on any menu option to view the page URL. The format is sms.cfm?m=xxx where xxx is a URL parameter for a specific page. For example - The contacts area uses sms.cfm?m=p.d. So if you want to immediately direct a user to the contacts page hiding all vorText menus use )