Search Contact




JSON Parameters:

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
rowsPerPage Default value is 100. Indicates how many rows to retreive per page
currentPage 1 - The current page you want to retrieve
field_names A comma separated list of fields from the contact table you want to retrieve. e.g. email,firstname,lastname,cell_phone,company,address1
query A valid SQL query to filter the desired records. e.g. firstname like 'c%'
sort The desired sort order of the returned records. e.g. firstname,lastname

You may assign the user to the desired list(s) by including the "list" parameter. In addition, you may include any other custom fields that you may have added.

Example Request
-H "Authorization: Basic [your API key]"
-H "Action: getContacts"
     "query":"firstname like 'c%'",