Batch Update Contacts




Header Parameters

Authorization Basic [your API key]
(The API key can be found in the My Accouny area of the vorText App)
Action batchUpdateContacts

JSON Parameters:

* = Required parameters

Parameter Value
contacts A JSON array of contacts to add or update

Use a JSON array to specify the contacts you want to add/update. If you include an ID, it will be used as the unique identifier for the contact. If the ID you specify does not exist, it will be used to add a new contact. If you don't and ID will be be automatically assigned. Contacts will be updated based on the supplied ID, email address, or cell phyone number in that order.

Example Request
-H "Authorization: Basic [your API key]"
-H "Action: batchUpdateContacts"
               { "id":"c1", "firstname":"Jonh", "acctmgr":"c1", "lastname":"Smith", "email":"[email protected]", "tags":"lead"},
               { "id":"c2", "firstname":"Sally", "acctmgr":"c2", "lastname":"Smith", "email":"[email protected]", "tags":"prospect"}


{ "success":"true", "message":"Contacts procesed OK" }