Intergate vorText with any system using our API

vorText offers several API endpoints that allow you to integrate your account with any system that can call our API endpoints. If you need to send and/or receive text messages, messages to groups, manage keywords or manage contacts - you can use our API to easily manage data between platforms.

URL Endpoint:

All API calls within our API have the same endpoint:

* Please note: This endpoint must end with /, and all API operations use HTTP Post.

All API calls use a JSON body and must have at minimum the following two parameters:

action The action you wish to perform
token Your personal API token (located in the My Account area of the vorText portal)


{ "action":"addcontact", "token":"your_token", "parameter1":"value1", "parameter2":"value2" }

Supported request header formats:

Content-Type: Accept JSON application/json

Basic Authentication (Optional)

Instead of sending the token as a JSON parameter, you may optionally send the token using a HTTP Header parameter as follows:

type="header" name="Authentication" value="Basic YOUR API TOKEN"

If you choose to send your token using a header parameter, you do not need to include it in your JSON setup.

Supported response formats:


Date and Time Format:

All dates and times are in (GMT -5:00) Eastern Standard Time (EST) and the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS