Text to screen is our live comment board for anonymously gathering comments

Our text to screen App is superbly cool in situations were you want to solicit anonymous comments from your audience. Here's now it works.

Anyone can text ASK, or whatever keyword you want to use, and they will be prompted to reply with their comment.

Those comments get automatically posted to a webpage that only you can see in the order they were posted. It's easy to use, but highly effective.

So as the moderator, you can respond to questions as they come in, and people can feel free to ask any question since they are anonymous.


In the following animation, the user is sending in their comments and in the background, the comment board is displayed. Only the moderator can see the comment board. As questions come in, they can be responded to in order. And know one has to be shy about asking their question since it's anonymous. And instead of just ending the script when complete you can offer other options to further enhance the engagement with your audience.