vortext STUDIO

At the heart of vorText is our studio that allows you to use your imagination to create beautiful chatbots your customer can run by texting a keyword or over Facebook Messenger. They can be composed of key business logic, and can even post collected user data to API's for live interactivity with your business systems and workflows.

Build It

Using our flow builder you can create from simple to highly sophisticated chatbots that can walk your users through any kind of business logic.

Customize It

Users can response to prompts with a list of choices, specific information to update their account profile, dates, times, numbers it's really up to you.


Get the maximum response from users by personalizing your scripts by including their name. You can also include any information on their profile.

vorText also supports custom fields, so you can add your own fields to the account profile and ask users to supply that information to update their account.

Automation & Logging

You have complete control as to what information you wish to log in the database to create stats and to facilitate automation. Our scheduler allows you to find records logged in specific categories, and to them take an action on those records. For example, if you log a prompt with the category of "Sales", you could setup a text message that goes to that person 5 minutes, a few hours, or a few days after, to thank them for their purchase.

Advanced Processing

You can create prompts with conditions. For example, if the user's account has no email address, then you can prompt them for it. Once entered, the email address on their account will be updated. If the person's account has an email address, the prompt will be skipped and the following prompt will be displayed instead.

Lists & MMS

Any prompt in a script can add the user to any list you've created. In addition, any prompt can include a video, image, or validate the person's credit card information. We've built our scripting engine to be as flexible as possibly so you can decide how to interact with your customers not us.

We Support Deep Integration With JSON

Any prompt in a script can send all the information collected, or any information you have previously collected about the user in a JSON package to any URL you specify. This feature makes it clear that we take deep integration seriously!

Developer API

Implement SMS notifications, 2-Factor authentication, reminders etc. into your workflow and build apps that send SMS messages with our SMS API

Our API allows you to integrate SMS messaging into your own back end systems and workflows. It's easy to use and is just another way we help you create possibilities.

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