Sunday Nov 29, 2020

Truth vs Myth: Text-Based Donations

The easiest way to give and collect donations for nonprofit organizations in the digital age is through text to give programs that allow donors to simply and quickly donate to their favorite causes via text messaging. As mobile technology advanced to a point where using text messaging to transfer funds is safe and secure, commonly held myths about the process of text-based donations either no longer exist or never did.

Debunking Top Text to Donate Myths

More business is conducted from smartphones and tablets than ever before. Consumers are more tech savvy and confident with their devices performing financial transactions as the technology improves and safeguards are implemented to increase the security during the digital transfer of funds.  At one time, people were right to be hesitant about money transactions through their cell phones, but those legitimate concerns are now unfounded and have resulted in a proliferation of myths surrounding the safety and security of text-based donations.

The following are examples of some common myths that can easily be debunked regarding the use of text-based donations for nonprofit organizations.

People Do Not Donate on Mobile Phones

With fears of hacking and other cybercrimes, some people may still be hesitant to transfer money digitally through text to donate systems. However, protocols have been developed and refine to make the process safer and more secure than ever. The rise in text-based donations throughout the nonprofit world shows that people are becoming more comfortable with sending money through text messages.

You Will Not See Donated Funds For Months

As with many of these myths about text-based donations, there was a time not too long ago when the delay in receiving funds from text to give donors was real. Donations made through text messaging used to simply be tacked onto monthly phone bills, forcing a delay of up to 90 days. Today, organizations typically see donations in their accounts within a matter of a couple of business days or less.

Text-Based Donations Are Capped at $10

A cap on text-based donations is another myth that was once rooted in reality. The days of a $5 or $10 cap on texting donations are over. Donors can now contribute any amount as many times as they want and can set up monthly donations that will automatically be withdrawn and donated.

Shortcodes Have To Be Shared With Others

A shortcode is an abbreviated four or five digit phone number that organizations purchase on a quarterly basis. This was once the only way service providers would allow for text-based donations through cell phones. Organizations would be forced to share these numbers, with hundreds of having to share the same shortcode. Your organization no longer needs to buy these shortcodes at all, let alone be forced to share them with others.

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