We've got some sweet features, easy to use, and best of all, limitless posibilities!

SMS Messages

Send short 160 characters messages, or long messages up to 300 characters with MMS messaging.


A picture is worth 1000 words, so you can also send pictures via MMS messaging.


When pictures and words are not enough, send a Youtube or Vimeo video!


Create as many keywords as you require to grow your list. Our platform even has a welcome bot that allows you to assign multiple keywords to a script.


vorText includes a contact database where you can assign each contact to any number of groups.


Our platform incudes a smart dashboard with graphs so you can analyze the performance of your campaigns in order to make good decisions.

Mobile Payments

Receive payment from your customers on an ad-hoc basis or via an invoice. Read More.

SMS Store

Your customers can purchase just about anything from you with a few text messages!

Text To Win

Easily setup contest your users can enter with a keyword, and have the system automatically choose the winner!

Reputation Management

We make it easy for users to take surveys and to leave reviews of your bisuness

Person-2-Person Messaging

Send & receive messages directly to contacts using personal hashtags. Great for when you don't want to share your number. Read More.

Blast from your phone

Send out message blasts on a scheduled basis or on the go directly from your phone

Event Registration

Your contatcs can register and pay for calendar events with ease!

Live Polls

Send out polls to your members that update in real time.

Recurring Donations

Yes we have text-2-give scripts that allows your members to give one-time or recurring donations


Automatically send messages when users take certain actions


Contacts can send any message unrelated to a keyword direct to your inbox for direct 2-way communications

Zapier Integration

In beta.

Our built in form designer allows you to create and blast out any kind of form or survey

Get Credit Card Details

Users can text the word "CARD" at any time to update their credit card information

Mobile Signup Forms

Create signup forms for your website so visitors can join your list

Schedule Your Message

Use our scheduler to schedule messages or scripts to be sent to your contacts. The scheduler can also automatically respond to users actions like sending messages to a user 20 minutes after they request a coupon or make a donation for example.


Add SMS notifications, OTP, reminders etc. into your workflow and build apps that send SMS with our API.

Link Shortener

vorText has an integrated link shortener that allows you to save characters in your messages. It also provides link tracking for A/B testing.

Group Messaging

Our group messaging feature can replace the need to create and manage groups on your phone. Create groups and allow group members to send group messages using a hash tag!

Welcome Bot

When a contact sends you a message that is not a keyword, our message bot will send them best suited keyword.


Engage with your customers by creating discount coupons they can use to get discounts and specials.

Integrated With Facebook Messenger

vorText is integrated with Facebook Messenger. This means users can use Messenger just like their phone's SMS App!

Analytics Dashboard

Every script has it's own analytics dashboard.

The dashboard provides all the stats you need to review and monitor your scripts. The dashboard provides dates, times, timelines, amounts and more. You can also export all dashboard data to a .CSV file.

See giving or other data collected by date range or other special consolidated views.


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